Bergamo · Italy
7-24 September 2017

2017 Focus

Cool Landscape

For 2017 COOL landscape is the theme.
The ambiguity of COOL is one of the attractions.

It will provoke different responses. Those relating to temperature will be about the possibilities of planting and water to inhibit the effects of heat stress in our cities. And COOL as atmosphere plays an important role in the relaxation one can find in a garden




But the theme COOL also goes back to the Renaissance, when Sprezzatura as aesthetic notion was invented in Italy.
It is about appearance, attitude and style. Coolness is positive and desirable.
The changing connotations of COOL make it interesting for the debate about the future of garden and landscape design.
It is about a state of being, about aesthetic appeal, about fashion. In all it is about amazing landscapes.
How will the Piazza Vecchia look next year?
The design, by LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects from Amsterdam, is not yet developed.
But we know one thing, it is going to look COOL.