The best outdoor design
at Bergamo

#Green Design

Outdoor products excellence in beautiful parts of the Città Alta. Locations in the heart of Bergamo Alta, usually closed to the public, now reveal their charm. Courtyards, cloisters and gardens open their doors to welcome visitors and companies in the outdoor world with exhibitions, events and high-level design products that create meaningful dialogue with the surrounding architecture.

An initiative in collaboration with

1 CASANOVA INTERIOR DESIGNER with KETTAL - Live Casanova gardens.
Portico Piazza della Cittadella
2 CASANOVA INTERIOR DESIGNER with PRATIC - In the shadow of Casanova.
Giardino La Crotta
3 CATELLANI&SMITH - Syphasera.
Giardino Condominio Tresoldi
4 IL LEGNO DALLA NATURA ALLE COSE - Living cool. The house from a tree.
Sala dei Giuristi
5 OBI - The nature and design union.
Piazza Mascheroni
6 PEDRALI E HW STYLE - Green breathe @ Antico Lavatoio
7 ZENUCCHI con RODA - Garden in Clouds.
Portico della Biblioteca Angelo Mai

7-24 September


Catellani & Smith, experts in the relationship between man and nature, nature and light, light and man, creator of light sources that make a ...
7-24 September

Il Legno dalla Natura alle Cose

LIVING "COOL", THE HOUSE FROM A TREE Project: Basaglia ROTA Nodari architetti associati Living on this planet is like living in your own house ...
7-24 September


This year Piazza Mascheroni welcomes Green Design with a setup from OBI.
7-24 September

Pedrali e HW Style

Green breathe @ Antico Lavatoio This year, the Lavatoio di Via Mario Lupo welcomes Green Design with a setup featuring Pedrali and HW Style.
7-24 September

Zenucchi with Roda

The idea of this setup arises from the desire to recreate a wild and spontaneous tropical garden shaded by white clouds. ...