Casanova Interior Designers
with Kettal at Portico della Cittadella


7> 24   Settembre


From 9 am to 10 pm (Saturday-Sunday 11 pm)


Portico di Piazza della Cittadella - Bergamo Alta

Welcome to the Casanova Interior Designers' gardens (
A well-designed and furnished garden is an extra room to live and share, a new space where you can relax, play, read, entertain friends or treat the plants that host it.
Our set-up will give you the chance to experience different types of garden in order to choose the one that you love most, represents you more or makes you feel very comfortable.
Whether you are a citizen, a seaman, a countryman, a minimalist, or a wild one, you will find what is best for you.

Have a nice trip!

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Urban garden

Here you are in the city garden.
The terrace is furnished to welcome parties, aperitifs and dinners with friends.
The right atmosphere is created by the clever mix of lights and music.

Garden to the sea

This space recalls the holiday atmosphere.
The colors reflect the sun and the sea, the levity of the rhythms and the endless relax of the long summer evenings.

Countryside garden

This is the place of the vegetable garden and the plants to be cultivated, but also where silence, the return to the slowness and the simplicity of the countryside life reign.

Dry garden

In this garden simplicity is the keyword.
With little maintenance necessary, the stone is the main character and it stands in perfect harmony with the green of perennial plants and grasses. Elegant and essential.

Natural garden

This environment evokes the wood as a rejuvenating and fresh place.
All the elements, from the flowered meadow to the barks, emanate the well-being that wild nature instills.

Katuscia Ratto

Katuscia Ratto