Exhibitions and
photography contests

#Green Eye

18 days to capture the perfect shot of the setups and have a green look at the exhibitions organized on the occasion of I Maestri del Paesaggio.

7-24 September

Vote the best window

“Vote the best window” is a novelty of the 2017 edition, which involves the businesses of Città Alta. ...
7-24 September

Exhibition Herbari and Bestiari

Exhibition of works by students of class 2F of the Artistic Lyceum "Manzù" Bergamo (Academic year 2016-2017) Curated by Mario Albergati, Roberta ...
8-24 September

Exhibition: Terra sem males

Exhibition of Margherita Leoni and Mello Witkowski Pinto The project aims to create an exhibition of collective social interest in which the ...
9-10-22-23-24 September


A programme rich with appointments to put emphasis on the theme of greenery, the garden, sustainability and landscape, through the voices of ...
9-13-16 September

Land Art Workshop

Training and deepening of Land Art by Professor Jan-Erik Sorenstuen of Agder University in collaboration with GAMeC. ...
16 September

Awakening cap. II

Site specific performance by Clara Luiselli, with Gloria Cornolti, Chiara Cospito, Clara Luiselli, Daniela Remondini. Act by four performers. ...