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Sala Porta Sant’Agostino – Bergamo Alta

A programme rich with appointments to put emphasis on the theme of greenery, the garden, sustainability and landscape, through the voices of books and their authors. Encounters that will focus on the novelties of Italian publishing sector.
Ten encounters on reading books with their authors, as is the mission of the Parolario Association that has organized the Parolario festival in Como for the last seventeen years.


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9th September at 5.30 pm

Plants are ugly beasts. Science in the garden
Renato Bruni
After inheriting a city garden, a laboratory botanist begins to observe flowerbeds, lawns and flower pots with the eyes of a biologist, chemist, ecologist, and physicist. He learns that in reality, plants are not the simple and angelic creatures that we take them to be (Codice Edizioni, 2017).

Renato Bruni is Associate Professor in Botany / Pharmaceutical Biology at the Department of Food Science at the University of Parma.

10th September at 5.30 pm

A kitchen garden rather than a garden. How to cultivate happy vegetables and kind flowers
Simonetta Chiarugi
It is enough to be curious, to have a little manual ability and to follow good advice and precise instructions. How to cultivate a beautiful, useful and ecological kitchen garden in harmony with nature, where flowers, insects and other useful animals help to grow healthy plants (Mondadori Electa, 2016).

Simonetta Chiarugi and Camilla Zanarotti work with garden design.

10th September at 6.15 pm

Friend Tree. Roles and benefits of green in our cities
Francesco Ferrini
In recent years, the perception of green spaces has grown considerably as a means of sustaining healthy living in urban areas. The book presents the latest data on the benefits of urban greening, such as the improvement of mental health, reduced cardiovascular problems, and the positive effects on atmospheric pollution, climate change, noise and excessive heat (Edizioni ETS, 2017).

Francesco Ferrini is Professor at the Department of the Science of Agro-Food Production and Environment at the University of Florence.

22nd September at 11.30 am

Cinemas and Gardens 
Giordano Giannini
Approaching cinema through the alternative path of Art, Literature and Myth and focusing on three films corresponding to the same epochs and conceptions of the garden: “Addio, fratello crudele” (Goodbye, cruel brother – 1971) by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, “Angeli e insetti” (Angels and Insects – 1995) by Philip Haas and the charming “La maschera”  (The mask – 1988) by Fiorella Infascelli (Angelo Pontecorboli Editore, 2017).

Giordano Giannini collaborates with film projects and is author of numerous books on cinema and art.

Camilla Zanarotti and Dario Fusaro

22nd September at 5.30 pm

Pietro Porcinai and the landscape
Dario Fusaro (photography) talks with Camilla Zanarotti (texts)
“Our survival,” said Pietro Porcinai, “is related to the landscape. We have to make the new landscapes come back to be as they were in ancient Florence, ancient Siena, ancient Venice. The landscape always reflects the quality of a social order, and the society that does not respect the Earth’s nature has no respect for human nature either.” (edizioni Libreria della Natura 2017).

22nd September at 6.30 pm

Drawing the garden with the plants
Laura Pirovano talks with Silvia Ghirelli
The book is an agile tool for garden design, utilizing the plants best through the basic criteria of plant design, focusing on the characteristics and ways of using different types of plants: small trees, shrubs, climbers, creepers, herbaceous perennials and ornamental herbs. There are also four botanical tables (shrubs, climbers, creepers and perennial herbs) where each plant is identified on the basis of exposure, persistence of the leaves, behaviour, use, colour and season of flowers, fruits, leaves and branches. For flowers, the scent and the attraction of butterflies are also indicated (Biblion edizioni - collana Dendron 2017).

Guido Giubbini is Inspector of the Department of Fine Arts of the City of Genoa and founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Genoa.

23rd September at 11.30 am

The garden of misunderstandings. For a counter-history of gardens from Babylon to Land Art.
Guido Giubbini talks with Alfredo Tomasetta
From Versailles to Isola Bella on Lago Maggiore, from Villa d'Este to the landscapes of Piemonte and Liguria, from Uzbekistan to England, this book is a journey through the historical and architectural shapes of that space made of greenery, water, light, inserted in an environment called the «garden» (Derive&Approdi, 2017).

23rd September at 5.30

Plant Revolution. Plants have already invented our future
Stefano Mancuso
True living networks, capable of surviving catastrophic events without losing their functions, plants are much more resistant and modern organisms than animals. If we want to improve our lives we need to look for inspiration the vegetal world (Giunti Editore, 2017).

Stefano Mancuso, Scientist and Professor at the University of Florence, heads the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology (LINV).

24th September at 11.30 am

Get out of town. The reclamation of the mountain.
Maurizio De Matteis
The book addresses the phenomenon of ‘return to the mountain’ where innovative life plans have emerged, based on alternative development models in the green economy and projects that follow the concepts of soft economy based on knowledge and innovation an also on identity, history, creativity, and quality (Derive & Approdi, 2017).

Maurizio Dematteis, journalist, heads the Dislivelli Association and is the Director for the monthly web magazine

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