Cool Container. Music&Food
7·9·12·14·19·21·23 September


7 - 9 - 12 - 14 - 19 - 21 - 23 - September


From 6 to 10 pm


Piazza Dante c/o Domus - Bergamo Bassa

Taste, iSchool’s school restaurant, changes and trasforms into a COOL  CONTAINER – Music & Food, a meeting point, a touchstone in Città Bassa, marking the union between music and good food.

The events sponsored by Ischool within the international meeting “I Maestri del Paesaggio” will bring to life an exhibition space for local and emerging artists, hosting art objects and musical performances fusing together creative and poetic personalities.

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Thursday 7 September

The series of events sponsored by Ischool during COOL CONTAINER MUSIC & FOOD needs to start with a party. A whole evening dedicated to entertainment and good music with an exclusive Dj set.
At 06.00pm, free entrance with reservation.

DJ set Bombardieri
Luciano Bombardieri professionally grows at the beginning of the ‘90s and quickly finds his direction in this context, pushing his research over party music standards, adding to his baggage Funk, Soul, R’n’B e Hip Hop influences. Eclecticism and attitude: take these two elements, put them behind a console and see what happens.

Saturday 9 September


The Lounge style that marks the venue will be filled in by the magnetic  and charming voice of Michela Belotti who, along with guitarist Diego Pavoni, will perform the acoustic version of songs from the ‘40s to our days.
Sitting at your table by candlelight, sipping your cocktail, you will get carried away to the magic of the good old days.

Alta Quota
Is a musical project born during the spring of 2015, by the union of two friends "Michela Belotti vocals (CDPM student) e Diego Pavoni guitar" and their passion for music. Both start studying music at an early age and share some important experiences. Their repertoire includes the performance of acoustic versions of blues- soul- pop songs moving between the ‘40s and today. Their aim is to touch their audience creating a magic of sounds and vocals.

Francesco Micheli
Artistic Director at Fondazione Donizetti and at Macerata’s ’Opera Festival, he has a long standing career of opera director in many different theaters, both Italian and foreign.

Tuesday 12 September


Can Opera be taken out of the Theatre and brought closer to the people in a contemporary interpretation? Francesco Micheli believes so and will show us how. A fascinating journey made of words and music that will leave you breathless.

Thursday 14 September


CIOZ (Monaberry Label) is going to dominate his colourful electronic DJ set, resident at Bauhaus party. Yellow, like the light of the sun, blue, like the nights of musical magic, and red, like CIOZ’s passion. Yellow, blue and red for Bauhaus, the party designed for eclectic minds who are not looking for a faded background, but for Music with capital letter, the pillar of a warm scenario, with sweeping sounds, that can be fully understood only by the “thinking ears” of the people who are constantly on the lookout for experimental melodies and new musical scenarios.

CIOZ by Bauhaus

Cioz has always had a bad relationship with rules. He has always had an obsessive desire for freedom. The dream of breaking everything: ideas, habits, shapes. Guided and inspired by the idea of sharing knowledge and inspiration, Cioz founded Knobs Bergamo: a creative hub for  Bergamo’s community, Italy, where artists meet, work together, develop ideas, and create. Completely self-taught, he feels his music as smooth, casual and organic: alive. He published for world class labels as Monaberry and Einmusika and he is determined to go far.

Tuesday 19 September

‘900 iS COOL

A journey in the music of the ‘900s in all its nuances: from the historical Avant-garde’s masterpieces to musical, from opera to film soundtracks, touching the shores of African American music and Jazz. The songs are selected by the members of the band Kaosmos, who also work on the arrangements and transcriptions, keeping into account the technical peculiarities of the ensemble, along with their timbre.

Kaosmos Quartetto

Four young students at Conservatorio “Gaetano Dnizetti” meet and decide to study chambre music, that’s how the Quartetto Kaosmos is born. The ensemble is heterogeneous both in composition and sound: it blends the dense timbre of the saxophones (contralto e tenor) with the clarinet’s dark voice andt he trombone’s brightness. The name Kaosmos derives exactly from this blend, it is an expression that unites the words chaos and kosmos and reveals the desire to create a magmatic and sparkling mix.

Thursday 21 September


Those who think that black matches everything are not wrong. Our COOL CONTAINER is going to show you the shades of this colour: Marco Riva’s photographic exhibition, dominated by the black and white shades of the snapshots portraying Drag Queens and Club Kids taken during the nights  at Milan’s Toilet Club, along with the musical chromatisms by Danilo Carsana, main dj at The Box, the most important Wednesday night in town. The Box is black: its dress code, its minimal scenery, its musical hue that will make you dance on the infinite shades of the achromatic color par excellence.

Marco Riva

TOILET-immagini per transizione, is a project by photographer Marco Riva, deriving from different photo sessions taken between 2014 and 2015, followed by some months of  editing and  layout setting. The images move between still life, portraits and reportage, and record the backstage, make-up and the set-up of Club Kids and Drag Queens during one of the most alternative events of Milan: Toilet Club’s Saturday night, where cross-dressing is the main theme.

DJ Danilo Carsana

Danilo starts his career in  1990, privately at first, slowly getting acquainted with the mixer, growing year by year reaching the highest success with The Box project in 2012.  Since then he has been working as resident DJ in the Club, with his black dress code and his amazing Wednesday’s DJ set, that range from deep house to the most rhythmic techno.

Saturday 23 September


Keeping with the black strings of Accademia CDpM, Stefano Damaro, with his captivating piano and his energetic guitar will lead us on a “Voice journey” to end in style our events within the Cool Container Taste show schedule.

Stefano Damaro
His voice finds its natural habitat in soul and blues music, genres he always loved. His first single "Your Fake Love", written, arranged and published by himself, was published in April 2011. He obtained great success, finding a placement in the most downloaded single chart.

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