Dance show
Rhapsody in white
23 September


23 - September


From 4 pm


Piazza Vecchia - Bergamo Alta

Moving in Nature with ease and elegance releases energy. The mind relaxes, runs free ...
The dancers recall cool objects, symbols and refined moods that gather in instances of natural amazement at the sight of this elegant and unusual piazza.


Directed by: Maria Luisa Rota
Exhibition entrusted to the collective sensitivity of the many Danzarea performers.

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The collaboration between Unicef and Danzarea is the result of obvious similarities between the two realities:

UNICEF promotes the implementation of children's rights enshrined in the “Convention on the Rights of the Child”, adopted at the Assembly General of the United Nations on 20th November 1989.

Dance show in Piazza Verde 2016

DANZAREA is an important dance-educational group that works with children and adolescents through the medium of dance, towards training them, but more importantly, towards their artistic formation. An artistic and sensitive soul is essential for an artist. The collaboration between Danzarea and Unicef comes about so that young students may discover their ability to take care of other children around the world who need care.