Cool Landscape
in Piazza Vecchia

#Green Square

Every year since 2011, I Maestri del Paesaggio transforms Bergamo turn into a stage for beauty and nature. The most tangible aspect of this transformation is the Green Squares in Piazza Vecchia.

Each year the square has the stylistic touch of the landscape architect who conceives it and is consistent with the focus of the International Meeting that brings together the world's most important landscapers to Bergamo for two days. This year the theme is COOL LANDSCAPE and great is the wait for an installation that in Baljon’s own words “could develop the theme of coolness in literal terms – a cool temperature and shadows – or reflecting the style and attitude of "cool", indicating ease and elegance. The term is in fact ambiguous. Baljon unveiled some of the key points of his project; accuracy, amazement and environment. The Green Square in fact- looking more as a site-specific installation than a makeover imitating natural landscape- will use tangible and symbolic elements to inspire a reflection on the Global warming".

7-24 September

Green Square in Piazza Vecchia

The installation projected by Dutch landscape designer Lodewijk Baljon will look at the theme of coolness both literally, as in the cool of the ...
7-24 settembre

Cool Zone in Piazza Vittorio Veneto

Il Legno dalla Natura alle Cose partecipa alla settima edizione de I Maestri del Paesaggio con l'allestimento di una Cool Zone che richiama la ...
7-24 September

Cool Zone in Borgo Palazzo

The Botteghe di Borgo Palazzo, an association that brings together more than 200 commercial activities in the city’s old quarter and creating a ...
7-24 September

Cool Zone in Porta Nuova

Slow down, sit down, stand a while in the shadows and relax: this is a Cool Zone designed for those who are in a hurry, for those who have to ...
7-24 September

Cool Zone in Via Angelo Maj

A little space to relax in, a resting place where one can sit down to read a magazine or a book. ...