Cool Zone
Borgo Palazzo
7-24 September


7> 24   Settembre


All day long


Via Borgo Palazzo, 100/102 - Bergamo Bassa

The Botteghe di Borgo Palazzo, an association that brings together more than 200 commercial activities in the city’s old quarter and creating a true business centre, participates in the 7th edition of I Maestri del Paesaggio.
For the occasion, the piazza at civico 100, located in one of the oldest and most characteristic neighbourhoods of the city, becomes a Cool Zone characterized by a dreamlike setting dedicated to the theme "Cool Landscape" proposed by the Dutch landscaper Lodewijk Baljon.

Concept: arch. Katuscia Ratto
Project: arch. Patrizia Marchesi

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Landscape architect Katuscia Ratto and interior designer Patrizia Marchesi present a project where space is separated into different areas; lounge areas alternate with dynamic spaces creating unusual but recognizable urban atmospheres. "Recycled materials will be used for the furnishing of the setups, which, combined with each other, will create original installations. For us it is an honor to participate in the kermesse that in recent years has given an important added value to the city," says Patrizia.

Katuscia adds: "The Cool Zone has been conceived as a ‘cool’ contamination of the lower city. Small or medium-sized setups that take I Maestri del Paesaggio and the magic of the Green Square away from Piazza Vecchia. The piazzetta in Via Borgo Palazzo is peopled by passers-by who wait for a bus, buy a newspaper, go to the shops on the other side. There is not a single bench except for the one under the ATB bus shelter. The challenge lies in transforming a place of transition into a resting- or meeting-place."

"We liked the idea of space set up and managed by the Borgo Palazzo association that could be a friendly ‘civic center’ for 18 days and create social and cultural relations between people in the neighbourhood and beyond. A place that leads to conviviality, play, exchange and relaxation” concludes Nicola Viscardi, President of the Associazione delle Botteghe di Borgo Palazzo.

The last day of the Cool Zone will be Sunday, 24th September, concluding with the Event, and on this occasion the 9th Festa del Borgo will be held. The celebration will animate the neighbourhood from 10 am to 8 pm; a further opportunity to live a part of a city in a different way.

Patrizia Marchesi

Patrizia Marchesi

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