Strolling through art,
nature and e design

#Green Tour

Come to Bergamo from the 7th to the 24th of September to discover the nature a step away from Piazza Vecchia through the Landscape Route, artistic and natural beauty with Guided Tours and much more.

7-24 September

Landscape Route

The initiative that leads out from Piazza Vecchia into the heart of the Parco dei Colli returns. ...
10·17·24 September

Historical houses and courtyards in green

This year too, I Maestri del Paesaggio spreads its seeds beyond the hills and reaches the seventeenth-century Villa Pesenti-Agliardi at Sombreno ...
14-16-21-23 September

Guided tours

Tours specifically designed to discover the “green treasure” of Città Alta, recounted by the knowledgeable Guide Turistiche della Città Di ...