Guided tours
14-16-21-23 September


14 - 16 - 21 - 23 - September


Various timing


Starting from Piazzale di S.Agostino

Tours specifically designed to discover the “green treasure” of Città Alta, recounted by the knowledgeable Guide Turistiche della Città Di Bergamo. Two tours carried out on four different days.

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Per info e prenotazioni:

Office of the Guide Turistiche della Città Di Bergamo:
Cell. 328 6123502

COSTI: Euro 7,00 each person, free for children. No booking required.

The visit will last about 2 hours.


1° - North/East side of the Venetian Walls:
from Porta S. Agostino to Porta S. Lorenzo
Thursday 14 and Thursday 21 September 2017 
from 6:30 pm

Departing from Piazzale S. Agostino, at the foothills of La Fara, we will admire in front of the hill of S. Eufemia with La Rocca fortess dominating the vast expanse of urban green, surrounded by a curtain of ancient houses witnessing the history of our city.
Looking out over the Maresana Hills, the former monastery complex of  S. Agostino, today a precious university site, surrounded by a large park between two bastions, Baluardo del Pallone and Baluardo of S. Agostino, along the route of the ancient walls, stretching as far as the homonymous sixteenth-century door.
We’ll then reach the Baluardo della Fara and La Montagnetta, a rocky mass of ancient origins, technically called " Conglomerate of Sirone", a stone so hard that when the walls were built it was preferred to leave it at its place instead of removing it.
Finally, Porta San Lorenzo, rebuilt in 1627 at a higher level than the original gate. A marble plaque remembers that through this passage the great general and politician Giuseppe Garibaldi entered in Bergamo with his followers, in 1859.

2° - Walking around Belfante di Rivoli Hill
Saturday 16 and Saturday 23 September 2017
from 3 pm

Departing from the former S. Agostino Church, we will head to the ancient Via Osmano, which, before the construction of the mighty Venetian Walls, connected Pignolo suburb to the town on the hill. On the way, behind an arc, is the thirteenth-century fountain with the same name, and on the other side stands the ancient Palazzo Calepio, now Pesenti, from where a narrow alley runs parallel to Porta Dipinta Street. We will reach the square on which stands the beautiful Church called San Michele al Pozzo Bianco  where are preserved, as in a precious treasure chest, ancient and beautiful frescoes including those made in the beginning of the 16th century by the great venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto during the years he spent in Bergamo. To the right an alley that conducted to the villa of the Belvedere, on top of the green promontory, memory of a place of peace and beauty. We will go back flanking the fountain of the Pozzo Bianco (the White Well) and the meadow of the Fara, to conclude our stroll around the Belfante of the Rivolas.