Expressive painting
for children
8·15·22 September


8 - 15 - 22 - September


From 4 pm


Piazza Vecchia - Bergamo Alta

Three encounters in which Paola Meneghetti will lead children aged 6 to 10 years to a  raised awareness of Art, the development of manuality, creativity, sense of observation, knowledge, of understanding art materials (colour pencils and wax crayons), bases of drawing and painting and the development of concepts and themes related to Bergamo Alta.

Painter Paola Meneghetti
+39.339.4841715 -

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During the sessions, the collaboration and attendance of at least one adult per child is required.
Each group can have a maximum of 8 participants.
Free event; prior registration is compulsory.
Each participant will be provided with a free drawing set consisting of:
1 pencil
1 box of colour pencils
1 box of wax crayons
1 album of A4 sheets for drawing
1 rubber
1 sharpener

About the painter Paola Meneghetti:

Paola Meneghetti was born in Milan on 29/06/1948, and lives and works in the province of Bergamo.
At the age of 11 she held her first personal exhibition; subsequently she enriched her talent by attending various art academies until she reached an artistic maturity that allowed her to enter completely into the contemporary art world. Thanks to her particular sensitivity in recent years, she has been able to devote herself to the development of Naïf themes with the almost constant presence of Angels and Mediterranean landscapes. In the past, she has directed and coordinated several courses and painting competitions for children, both in Italy and in Canton Ticino.

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