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5 > 22 September


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Antico Lavatoio di Via Mario lupo - Bergamo

Pedrali’s space highlights the novelties of outdoor furniture, framed between vegetation and old walls in an extremely evocative spot. The space for La Marianna Bar’s coffee tables is framed by arches, which take the motif of the walls in front, surmounted by creepers. There is also a sofa for a romantic stop for two. Some of the tables are partially surrounded by a randomly woven willow grill as a sign of privacy. Large wooden planters host soft grasses and perennial blooms.
At the entrance, large vertical walls show the innovative technique of the plant-bearing walls with a small depth of earth, as a sign of welcome and also as a demonstration.
The washtubs are covered with a carpet of greenery which, from dusk onwards, will be lit up by Happy Apple lights. Alongside will be place comfortable beanbags for an unconventional pause.

Project by Lucia Nusiner, Studio GPT

Logo pedrali

Realization: Logo giardini arioldi

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