Sulle tracce di Pan


31 August > 29 September


Saturday h 03.00 pm > 06.00 pm Sunday h 10.00 am > 01.00 pm and 03.00 pm > 06.00 pm


Sala Viscontea dell’Orto Botanico di Bergamo “Lorenzo Rota” - Bergamo

Exhibition curated by: Michela bassanelli and Davide Pagliarini

In the footsteps of Pan he wonders about one of the fundamental questions that accompany human existence. In doing so, he uses photographs. Photographs of our present, which describe landscapes sometimes frequented and lived, others altered or abandoned, others still not locatable within a certain time and chronology. What we do not immediately recognize are the homes of Pan, the wild and restless god-goat of nature, rediscovered by the romantics of the 19th century and surrounded by a myth that continues to be familiar to us. The will to live of Pan moves from the desire to grasp and consecrate nature in its totality. In the contemporary world, where secularization has drained places of their widespread sacred dimension, these photographs boldly declare that the sacred inhabits everywhere, so much in incorrupt places, suspended in the silence of a mythical and legendary image, as neglected and marginal, contaminated by the unstoppable noise of civilization.

On the trail of Pan goes in search of a possible and never obvious harmony with nature, inviting us to reflect and to take care of that violated landscape that we cross every day in our existence as metropolitan inhabitants. Each place, even the most insignificant, can return to be the object of wonder and devotion, can be inhabited by the sacred, a force that alone can take it away from cancellation.

Organized by   2019_Logo-Orto-Botanico-Rota   in collaboration with  2019_logo_sulle tracce di pan

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