6 - 18   September


18.00 > 19.00


Spazio FaSE, Alzano Lombardo (Bg)

Two days of Talk will fill the evenings at Spazio Fase, one with Emanuela Casti, Professor of the Università Degli Studi Di Bergamo, who will lead the first degree course in Geo-Architecture at the University; and the other with Gianni Scarfone, Managing Director of ATB and TEB who will conduct a debate on the issues of soft mobility and sustainable community

With the contribution of spazio_fase

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6th September 
hour 18.00 > 19.00

Talk with Emanuela Casti - Laurea in Geo-Urbanistica

The Master's Degree in Geo-Architecture is characterized by interdisciplinary teaching given by professors from three departments (Languages, Engineering, Letters) which makes use of laboratorial structures and research centres of the University of Bergamo. The course aims to train a professional figure, not present as yet in Italy but already exists abroad, of geographer-urbanist with skills in both territorial analysis and urban planning; at the same time, an expert in the use of geographic information systems, mapping and communication technologies to support governance.


18th September
hour 18.00 > 19.00

Talk with Gianni Scarfone - Soft mobility and sustainable community

Gianni Scarfone has been involved in the planning and management of transport systems since 1982. In 1995 he was appointed President of ATB, guiding its transformation from a municipal concern into a joint stock company and its development in subsequent years. He has worked with five city administrations of different political colours. Since 2002 he has been General Manager of ATB Mobilità and, since 2004, Managing Director of TEB (Tramvie Elettriche Bergamasche).