A trace of nature threatens man-made spaces, bursts out with strength and tenacity, and proposes a new landscape. The dancers of urbaNature insert themselves in the Piazza and create the choreographic image of the vegetation that with determination grows and makes space between the cement.

The synergy between DanzArea, Modern Ballet and PJ Dance Studio highly qualified dance schools, continues, accompanied by the magic voice and music of CharmEEvents, all groups that support UNICEF for projects aimed at all children in the world in need of help and protection.

Directed by Maria Luisa Rota

Exhibition entrusted to the consolidated sensitivity of the numerous performers of DanzArea, PJ Dance Studio, Modern Ballet and CharmEEvents

free events


21   September


04.00 pm


Piazza Vecchia - Bergamo

organized by   2019_Spettacolo-UrbaNature_logo-unicef-aggiornato   Balletto_Logo DANZAREA   Balletto in Piazza_logo Modern Ballet   Balletto in Piazza_logo PJ DanceStudio    2019_Spettacolo-CharmEEevents

The collaboration between Unicef and Danzarea was born as a result of obvious points in common between the two realities:

UNICEF promotes the implementation of children’s rights enshrined in the “Convention on the Rights of Children and Adolescence” approved by the United Nations General Assembly on 20th November 1989.

DANZAREA is an important coreutical subject that, through dance, works with children and adolescents towards technical training, but especially for the artistic training of the individual.
An artist cannot be one without a spirit educated in art and sensibility.
Hence this group collaborates with Unicef, so that young students can demonstrate their ability to volunteer with spirit towards other children in the world in need of care. Because volunteering must be taught to young people to grow up with sensitivity and attention to others.