Welcome to Bergamo

Visiting Bergamo means discovering a city and a territory of culture, art, architecture and tradition. The historic city, in its surprising morphology, is surrounded by Venetian walls (now a UNESCO Heritage site), guardian of streets, piazzas, palaces, alleys, extraordinary corners: from Piazza Vecchia to the Basilica and the Colleoni Chapel, from the Angelo Maj library to the Teatro Sociale, from Piazza Mascheroni to the old public wash house. A beauty that continues towards the museums, from Accademia Carrara to the modern and contemporary art gallery through walkways and panoramic strolls, passing through Borgo Santa Caterina, full of boutiques and shops, to reach Città Bassa.


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Punti Ristoro


  • Tatum
    Via Colleoni - Bergamo
  • Punto a Capo Libri S.a.s.
    Via Colleoni - Bergamo
  • Fumagalli S.a.s.
    Via Colleoni - Bergamo
  • Brivio Gioielli S.n.c.
    Via Colleoni
  • Alla Città di Babilonia
    Via Gombito - Bergamo
  • The Dispensary
    Via Mario Lupo - Bergamo
  • Le Sorelle Uashmama
    Via Gombito - Bergamo